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We have two experienced installation teams that can be on site on short notice

Team one consists of an Installation manager, foreman and three team members

We activate this team for big installations and can do up to 900 installations per shift,
activation time 48hours, the other team is normally a two or three man team, doing
mostly small installations up to 350 installations a day, activation time takes less than 24hours.

Both teams can operate at the same time if required, we can upgrade the smaller team
to full status within 48 hours

We will supply method statement and risk assessment when required

We prefer to install with daylight in the week, however we will install on weekends
or at night at no additional cost

Install parameters

Frequency: As advised by customer

Height: 530mm above road surface,

measured from the top of the concrete guardrail

Method: Zinc Alloy Security hammer-in

anchors, shown in picture

Rate: at least one reflector every minute up to 3/minute

Customer provides closed protected lane,

Attenuator Truck is sufficient

We have done the following installations:

GFIP Package A, Group 5
GFIP Package B, WBHO
GFIP Package C, GLMB
GFIP Package D, BRCD
GFIP Package E, Siyavaya
GFIP Package G, Raubex
GFIP Package H, Power Construction
GFIP Package I, CMC
GFIP Package L, Rumdel Cape
GFIP Package ?, G4 on N3
Spoornet Durban

Establishment outside Gauteng may apply
depending on quantities and distance from Gauteng.


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