So who are Simple Systems?

Simple Systems are the driving force behind K-Lite in Southern Africa

With our roots in the computer industry, we specialize in research and development, not only of new products, but also of new methods to apply those products.

Through the study of time and motion we are able to developed technique that are efficient and cost effective, easy to implement and willingly accepted by those that have to do the work

Installing a reflector or road stud is not rocket science, installing it safely requires good planning. installing within a 3 mm tolerance requires industry leading equipment and installing 600 hundred in a day requires a lot of hard work.

But installing up to 900 reflectors or road studs in a day to 3mm tolerances at an average of 30 seconds per instalation , and doing all this safely on a busy highway requires a bit of magic.

Simple Systems is the genie that dishes out that magic, and we make it look easy.